Teasing Tammy (Rivers End Ranch Book 47)

May 16, 2018

Teasing Tammy (Rivers End Ranch Reserve 47)

Charming orthopedics healthcare specialist Clark Baker is acknowledged for at the moment currently being a main flirt. He loves females, they like him and he is below no conditions lacked for dates. But he is ready to settle down now and find out a major romance, and the just 1 individual he sets his sights on, bookstore supervisor, Tammy Burns, does not opt for him critically.

She likes him rather a bit. He is easy to like. But in her viewpoint, Clark is simply just just not boyfriend supplies. She dated an personal like him a really lengthy time in the past and he cheated on her. She’s not probable to make that error once again. So, she will consider her near good friend Anna’s support, relatively reluctantly, and decides to contemplate a new romance online web page, Soulmates. And which is when aspects certainly get thrilling….

Teasing Tammy (Rivers End Ranch Book 47)

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