Guitar Hacks: Triads and Inversions

March 30, 2017

Guitar Hacks: Triads and Inversions

Triads are extremely helpful on guitar, not just for building notes and arpeggios, however for soloing also, and specially soloing over note changes. If you understand your triads insideout to the throat, you’ve set the fundamentals for applying out the fretboard when making chord progressions, beat elements or improvising melodically.

This guide addresses origin, first and minute inversions of these triads: important, slight, decreased, increased, sus2 and sus4, providing you the energy not to merely remember them, but utilize them successfully in-coming up with solos, beat elements and a great many other innovative programs.

The boring aspect is obviously understanding triads in the first place and that’s why I developed this unbelievably helpful approach for understanding triads and their inversions all around the throat in a portion of times it requires to understand them the conventional rote technique.


Guitar Hacks: Triads and Inversions

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