March 6, 2018


Inspection of US
***Glidepath is your most popular new thriller out of USA TODAY Bestselling Writer and former US Navy pilot Andrew Watts. Pick up your copy now, and see exactly what thriller fans are raving about. *** “Once more Andrew Watts has produced a hit full of actions, foreign intrigue, multiple intelligence bureaus, cutting edge aviation technology and a bit of love interest thrown in for good measure” Now, Max should team up with an old fire, Canadian hacker Renee LeFrancois. Collectively, they will try to unravel Morozov’s plans, until it’s too late… What subscribers are saying: And also a Russian group’s owner wants him dead. The FBI wants him detained. However, when Pavel Morozov, a wealthy ex-KGB representative, shows up out of a previous Charles had forgotten, the bits start falling into place. Morozov intends to perform a mortal and nefarious plot. . .and Max Fend is centered around by it. An investigation is triggered by A cyber assault on Fend Aerospace to Max Fend, aerospace tycoon Charles Fend’s son. Fend Aerospace is just days away from launch the world’s first autonomous business airliner, and researchers are fighting to join the dots. However, what is hiding at the CIA’s top spy file on Max Fend? The one that his FBI investigator is not permitted to see? “Having read, and adored, The War Planner show, I had been awaiting Andrew Watts next publication and Glidepath did not disappoint! The subject matter was just as timely as well as the characters were well developed. Max Fend is a unique personality, on his own, however if Renee becomes a part of this narrative. . .the intrigue/action gets moving!” “DO NOT select up this till you’re prepared to commit into an abysmal sleep-defying read!”


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